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Aaron van der Brugge.

I am an application and game developer with a specialty in Unity3D, Unreal Engine and with over 13+ years of experience releasing commercial products. I have collaborated with international companies to create educational and brand-specific apps and I have released multiple full-length RPGs to Steam. I have a wide range of experience in software engineering, scrum teams, Kickstarter campaigns, social media platforms, and release strategies.

I am the founder and CEO of RosePortal Games.

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About me

Skills and background

Being a self-starter and university graduate, I have a wide range of skills from programming, 3D modeling and pixel art to public relations and app releases. My expertise lies with Unity3D and mobile apps development. I have a creative and disciplined spirit with a good eye for graphics and design.

I enjoy working in international teams and being in touch with different cultures. I have a passion for creating games and products that have meaning or that help others. I want to drive technological advancements for society as I love being involved with societal issues for a better future.

My hobbies include sports and working out, Asian music and languages, American pop culture, video games and traveling.

To discover more about me, please visit the A day in the life of Aaron page.

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Korea, Seoul

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Aaron van der Brugge