Role Playing Game

Whisper of a Rose

Whisper of a Rose was the first product made by RosePortal Games. The graphics are entirely self-made and the systems are mostly self-coded in Ruby, pushing the boundaries of the gaming engine. The game is 2D featuring retro style graphics. The video game is about a girl who wants to dwell in her dreams to escape her real life trauma, only to find that it is not possible to escape from your fears and these troubles manifest themselves in her dreams so she has to deal with them anyway. The point of the story was originally made to inspire people and to bring forth a positive message to help the player to feel inspired and to better face the troubles in life.

The inspiration for the game comes from MMORPGs, specifically Final Fantasy XI, therefore the game is incredibly long and huge in scope, with many different areas, monsters, side-quests and storylines.

The game was originally published through casual gaming portals, such as Big Fish Games, Amaranth Games and Aldorlea. Eventually it was published on Steam through Degica where it became a number 1 top selling release.

The character animations in the game were self-made by photographing and studying the positions of humans in real life to create a more realistic feeling, because the game should not be too cartoon-like and it should be more relatable to match the mature themes in the game. The game features a self-coded crafting system and GUI.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Coding custom systems in Ruby including the menu system and crafting system
  • Designing and drawing the background graphics, character graphics and monster graphics of the game
  • Script writing
  • Cinematography
  • Outreach to gaming portals for getting published
  • Customer outreach
  • Marketing to get the product to the number one top new release
  • Setting up and managing beta testing groups
  • Hiring and managing artists for the cover artwork, game logo and face graphics used in dialogue screens and cutscenes
  • Databasing and balancing the statistics and difficulty level of the gameplay