Educational App

The 21CC App

The original project was solely self-made in Unity3D using C#. It started out as a simple project using asset bundles to load games to keep the original file size of the app down. At first Moodle was set up including a custom back-end system using SQL and phpmyadmin. Moodle API was implemented into the Unity3D project along with a Tin Can API system to send statements to a learning record system to keep track of user activity. The app featured a self-made soft-coded GUI that loaded the modules, videos, pdfs and games available to the logged in user.

Eventually the market and target audience for the app was expanded significantly, and to cope with the increased scope and to further improve the KPIs, it was decided to port the app to Angular. This porting was a team effort that was self-managed as a scrum master.

The focus of the product is to promote the match between job seekers and employers by granting certificates for skills for completing modules and games. This allows employers to view the appropriateness of possible job candidates. Another purpose of the app is to aid the logistics sector in finding more passionate employees, as the logistics sector has been experiencing a decrease in interest. The initial project was gradually developed in collaboration with the 21CC team, expanding to the product that it is now. Initially, it was primarily coded in C# using .NET, Moodle API and Tin Can API and featured mini-games coded in C#. Eventually games were also made in JavaScript / HTML5.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Using C#, Unity3D, JavaScript, HTML5, Firebase, SQL, PHP, Moodle API, Tin Can API, Angular
  • Drive KPIs by designing and coding scoring, activity tracking systems and creating focused educational content
  • Designing the core of the soft-coded gaming portal app
  • Preparing the app for presentation at the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative at UN Secretariat, NYC
  • Setting up and coding the back-end and custom database to keep track of users, games, data, scores and activities
  • Setting up a learning record system and Tin Can API and creating statements for recording activity
  • Creating 2D and 3D mini-games in Unity3D using C#
  • Creating mini-games using JavaScript / HTML5
  • Training international 21CC employees to further develop the app
  • Managing the porting of the app to Angular
  • Installing and setting up Moodle on a virtual private server and integrating it into the Unity3D project
  • Publishing to the app stores
  • Setting up the app stores
  • Designing logos, banners, thumbnails and screenshots
  • Attending public relation events regarding the product
  • Writing documentation and design documents
  • Partaking in a agile work environment
  • Designing the GUI for mini-games
  • Installing required systems on a self-owned virtual private server
  • Writing a general Unity guidebook for future 21CC employees