Role Playing Game

Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker's Daughter

This ambitious role playing game was successfully Kickstarted in 2015. The fundraising secured the collaboration with Japanese composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret Of Mana) who said the following about his involvement: When I saw Unraveled, I felt strongly that the game was special. The setting and message are very unique and create a beautiful and emotional world that I wish to explore through my music”.

Unraveled aims to raise awareness on the issue of shipbreaking, a bad practice in poorer countries such as India, where people are forced to work under horrible conditions, and major injuries occur on a daily basis, impacting entire families and communities. Please read more on the NGO Shipbreaking Platform website.

The game features a heartfelt storyline of a little girl whose father is a shipbreaker, and the resulting consequences on her family. The story is told through the girl's imagination, creating a meaningful but fantastical world reminiscent of Alice of Wonderland. The game features modern gameplay elements and entirely self-made graphics, including a soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Using C#, Unity3D, Ruby
  • Creating code core structures and custom systems, such as the battle system and particle effects
  • Drawing graphics and designing the GUI
  • Hiring and onboarding team members
  • Managing scrum teams
  • Cinematography and co-writing the script
  • Public relations and holding interviews
  • Managing the Kickstarter campaign
  • Outreach to NGOs
  • Successfully getting Greenlit on Steam
  • Databasing and balancing the statistics and difficulty levels of the gameplay