Gamified App

Rondje Logistiek 'A round of Logistics'

Rondje Logistiek is the first 21CC gamified product endeavour originally intended to raise interest in ADR (dangerous goods) to increase the flow of job seekers into the logistics sector. It is a game hub featuring several 2D and 3D mini-games. The games are self-designed and self-made. Originally it was published onto the app stores as an individual product, but eventually the mini-games were separated and incorporated into the 21CC app in the WebGL format.

Rondje Logistiek was made in Unity3D using C# and by loading asset bundles to keep the original app size down. The game evolved over time to use a fantasy map, which is similar to a world map or overview of a company area. It features hotspots from where you can click through and play games, watch videos, view pdfs and play informative modules using UniWebView. The app is linked to PlayFab for user registration.

Keeping track of scores is done in a custom self-made back-end database setup. To further drive KPIs, the fantasy maps and content of the app can be customized for companies and clients so that each company can have its own set of users and when those users log in they will see custom games, videos and information specifically tailored for the client. This can be used by companies to train their employees. This customization setup is soft-coded, so that without having to work on the app, it can be updated simply through the self-setup back-end environment.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Using C#, Unity3D, SQL, PHP
  • Designing and coding 3D and 2D mini-games in Unity3D using C#
  • Setting up a custom back-end system
  • Setting up the link to PlayFab
  • Collaborating with 21CC for a natural evolution of the app in the direction which will drive the KPIs
  • Publishing to the app stores
  • Customer outreach
  • Implementing a PDF reader and video player into the app
  • Implementing UniWebView to open online modules
  • Attending public relations events and public discussions on the app