Gamified App

Olympia: Albert Heijn

A product for the employment agency Olympia to drive KPI and increase company efficiency by decreasing the time needed for new temporary workers for Albert Heijn to be onboarded. The product features mini games that teach new temporary workers how to manage the Albert Heijn warehouse, including order picking.

It features several 2D mini games made for the 21CC App, developed with the Unity3D engine using C#. The games are published to WebGL. Scores and user activity are registered in the 21CC app back-end that generates reports for Olympia, so that Olympia can see which workers are promising and which workers require more guidance or practice.

This gamified educational product is meant to train and teach in a fun, gamified but also very informative way. The GUI was designed in collaboration with 21CC and the product was created in collaboration with Olympia and 21CC in an agile work environment. This product is still ever expanding in a team effort to keep up with new data.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Using C#, Unity3D
  • Guiding the first rounds of usage by temporary workers
  • Visiting the Albert Heijn warehouse to aid in design of the games
  • Creating mini games in Unity3D using C#
  • Composing the visuals for the GUI
  • Collaborating with the Olympia employment agency to increase their KPIs with this product
  • Optimizing performance of WebGL builds
  • Coding an activity registration system for the mini games that works with the 21CC back-end
  • Attending design meetings with Olympia and the 21CC team
  • Coding a highly modular and optimized Unity3D scene and structure setup to easily add more mini games in the future with the least amount of work required